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We are dedicated to quality services for your HVAC systems; both residential and commercial. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; they are the three main systems that help your home feel like home despite the weather.  We are experts of these three systems and we offer a wide range of services to ensure that they are always running smoothly and will not break down easily. 

Heating System Services

At the end of each year, the temperature drops and if you are not well-equipped with a well-functioning heating system, you will end up in an uncomfortable situation. At Big Bear Heating and Air, we go above and beyond to ensure that you have a warm home waiting for you after work. 

We offer several options to heating systems including boilers, furnaces, and radiators; they are systems that have warmed homes for a long time and have gradually evolved into energy-efficient options. We are experts at:

Wall heaters-they are best for small spaces such as a study; they run on electricity through the generation of heat that blows all-round the room. 

Furnaces- the most popular is the gas-powered furnace, a single one mounted as a panel unit can heat an entire room in minutes. 

Radiators- these heat a home through funneling the steam from boiled water into a central metal unit. The heated unit then “radiates” that heat throughout a room.

Boilers- these also work with water; the boiler pumps hot steam into several radiators to help distribute the warmth.

We also offer repair and maintenance services for these and more systems. Whatever the issue may be, our experienced professionals will diagnose the problem quickly and fix it in a timely fashion. 

Cooling System Services

When it comes to Air Conditioning, we stick by the $5,000 rule because sometimes, when an air conditioner breaks, it does not make sense to fix it. We take the cost of fixing and multiply it by the age of the AC and if it is more than $5,000, we opt to replace rather than repair. We have been providing our clients within Modesto CA and Manteca CA with the best AC installation and replacement services. Our experts will walk you through the process before the work begins to ensure that you know what is happening at all times. 

We also offer repair services for AC systems at an affordable price. 

Affordable prices and packages

We offer the best prices for HVAC systems within the Modesto CA and Manteca CA area. Our professionals provide quality services wrapped up in an affordable invoice. 

Quality Air Conditioner Installation in Modesto and Surrounding Areas, Repairing and Maintenance Services at Affordable Prices

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We have been in the HVAC systems game for thirst years now; we have learned a lot in those years. We are well-experienced with friendly personnel that will not only fix, replace, and maintain your systems, but also takes you through the process every step of the way; we promise to always keep you in the loop.

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