It is always the worst timing when your HVAC system stops working in your house. Luckily, we are here to help!

We offer a wide range of HVAC repair services; we ensure a proper diagnosis of the problem followed by quick resolution, all under a reasonable invoice. 

At Big Bear Heating and Air, we are staunch followers of the $5,000 rule that ensures you get the best deal without spending a fortune. We take into consideration the age of the air conditioner or heating system then multiply it by the repair cost and if the number is above $5,000 then we offer you a great deal on a new system. 

Reliable Residential Repair Services

We offer a wide range of residential repair services for your home. We can help you with:

Heating System Repair

You should never let a failed heating system put you in life-threatening situations and cause health risks in your home. Always put your family first and call on us for any failed heating systems. Big Bear Heating and Air services offer a wide range of heating system repair services; we ensure that your electric furnaces are working well. We also service baseboard heaters, boilers, and radiant heat to ensure that you and your family are warm and toasty, or cool and calm when you need to be. 

Air Conditioning Repair and Service

At Big Bear Heating and Air, we appreciate the need for a well-working AC system. From a broken fan belt to servicing your heating pump and everything in between; we ensure that your air conditioning is keeping you extra cool in the summer. At a reasonable price, we can repair, and service your AC to ensure that you are ready for the hot weather. We also offer affordable quotes for ductless air conditioners, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. For all your HVAC needs in Modesto CA, call us today.

Routine Maintenance

If you want to avoid expensive renovations and repairs for your HVAC systems, the secret is to allow routine maintenance to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Big Bear Heating and Air provide quality routine maintenance services which ensure that you will not have to dip into your savings to have these systems repaired. These regular checkups will help detect problems early which will allow our professionals to fix them before they get any worse. If you are within Modesto CA, then call us today and get a quotation.    

Affordable Services Just a Phone Call Away

Whether it is repair services, emergency services, or just routine maintenance, you can contact us. We offer the best prices for all these services within Modesto CA; take charge of your home and call us today.

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